Monday, November 27, 2000

Lost Cat

On weekends, Jean typically drives down to Mentor to go for a walk. This
is because Mentor has a nice nature trail loop on campus. Each loop
takes six to eight minutes, and it's fairly idyllic. This Sunday, I was
doing my chores around the house, when I heard Jean on the phone, urging
me to 'pick up'. It turned out that while walking the nature trail, Jean
discovered a cat which appeared injured, and she wanted to take it to a
vet clinic.

Of course, the vet clinics are all closed on Sunday, but less than ten
minutes from our house is the Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin,
open twenty-four hours seven days a week. So she brought the cat home,
we got Kelly suited up, and we recovered one of our cat carriers and
headed out with the cat. When Jean found it, it had a collar, but caught
around the armpit of it's left foreleg. She cut it free, but found no
tag. The vet said that it had been lacerated by the collar under it's
arm. His assessment is that the cat is very old, and may have only a
month to live regardless of what care we give it.

Jean's plan is to contact the Wilsonville vet clinics to check their
lost pet lists, then drive the Wilsonville neighborhoods looking for
'lost cat' fliers. She'll post a few 'found cat' fliers on top of
that. We plan to wait a couple of days, then take the cat to a shelter,
since we can't keep it long term, due to already having Grendl, our own
'very old' cat.

Currently, the stray is living in our laundry room, where it is warm,
since the vet said it's temperature was too low. Also it's weight was
about half that expected for it's build. Jean says she thinks fate or
God or whatever directed her to take the cat and see that it's last days
were not spent freezing and starving. I hope we can reunite it with it's
owner too, but at least it isn't dragging itself through the bushes like
when Jean found it.

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