Sunday, November 16, 2008

Very, Very Busy

I actually took this weekend off, but spent most of it hanging with the fam and decompressing (which for me means seeing a movie, Quantum of Solace if you care), so no post until now. So a quick recap...

Wednesday the 5th, my boss' boss asked if I could jump on board on an emergency project. Unfortunately, I had jury duty that Thursday. So all day Thursday was shot, then Friday I started working on the project. And Saturday. And Sunday (twelve hours that day). Most days this last week have been long, with me grabbing a snack in lieu of dinner on a few occasions. By Friday, I had beaten an insidious bug (with the help of a coworker), and I myself was beat.

I expect the cycle to begin again tomorrow, so expect radio silence once more.

To summarize, no fatal accidents or debilitating illnesses, just very, very busy. Thanks for your concern