Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alan and Pia

Okay, my least fuzzy photos from Alan and Pia's wedding are up on my Flickr account, in this photoset. Many more are on the 'cutting room floor', believe me.

It was a lot of fun going over them, recalling the day. Good luck, you two!

Friday, August 27, 2010


The LXD stands for 'The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers', and is a series of short 'webisodes' created by Jon M. Chu. There are ten chapters, consisting of paper-thin plots and fun dancing. The plot is "Heroes" meets "Step Up", and as such just tickles my 'cheesiness' bone while gratifying my interest in dance.

So I just watched the final episode tonight, and I can't find any indication that there will be a second series or when it will start. I want my LXD!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Solar Odyssey

Today's banner is one of the handful of shots I took of Oregon State University's Solar Odyssey solar-powered car. They brought it to my workplace over lunch, so I strolled over and snapped a few. Enough of them turned out okay that I decided to make a photoset out of them.

The photos I took at Alan and Pia's wedding were not nearly as crisp, so I'm hesitant to put any up, but I'll look 'em over this weekend and see if any are passable. My only excuse is that I've been lazy about practicing with my new camera, and flubbed the settings. Sorry!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anything to Get Out of a Wedding

Renee just must not want to hit the road with me this Saturday. She was up all night sick. She thinks it was due to 'bad cherries', but Jean The Nurse mentions that there's been a bad summer stomach flu going around too.

Anyone else been having stomach illnesses?


Renee recovered with time to spare, and drove us to Welches for the wedding, which was great. I'm really happy for Alan and Pia.

As for the stomach illness, Jean stayed home from work to help Renee, and the next day she was at work, her boss told her that several parents were out for the same reason. Weird!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miles 'n' Miles

This morning it was cool, cloudy, even a little misty. But the roads were not slick, so I cleaned up my bike, inflated the tires, and went for a nice ride. As it turns out, it was a good thing I did, since I was destined to spend three hours sitting in a confined space.

Our daughter has passed her driver's training course this summer, and is now on track to log fifty hours of driving with her parents before she can apply for a real, live license. She's been driving Jean and I on various errands, such as yesterday taking us to Target and grocery shopping. She would also have taken us to Gamestop, except the game she wanted was not in stock (thank you Internet). However, she found that the game was in stock at the Gamestop store in Corvallis. So guess where I went today? Thanks again, Internet...

Sorry, no pictures. When we left in the morning I was not planning ahead, and we were out of town before I realized I'd left all my cameras at home.

Anyway, despite a couple of hiccups, her driving was pretty smooth. We arrived at Corvallis, picked up a copy of Persona 4, then had lunch at Nirvana Indian restaurant. Afterwards, we drove around the pretty idle university campus, then made our way back home.

After this trip, I'm trying to convince her that she should come with me to Alan and Pia's wedding, but that's still up in the air.

But three hours of driving today! Sheesh!