Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Retrospective

I just wanted to get off my butt and change the banner for one day to a Halloween banner! That's because, once I finish uploading all my Thanksgiving photos to Flickr, I'll want to select one of them and discuss the trip.

In the meantime, the trio of photos of Renee dressed up to hand out candy are available in this set. Halloween turned out to be nice, over the course of a few days. Recall my three legs:

For the first leg, I watched the Rocky Horror tribute on Glee!, and had a lot of fun. For kicks and nostalgia, I watched Rocky Horror itself, on Netflix, and arrived at the usual conclusion: it is a lot of fun in the beginning, the music is great, but the story runs about a half hour too long.

As for the second leg, Renee dressed up and gave out the candy, so I had the fun of working with her, even if the population of candy beggars was quite thin. Thanks, Renee.

The third leg actually came the weekend before Halloween. Alan and Pia hosted a gathering at their house, and it was as usual very enjoyable. So I got a pseudo-Halloween party even if no one came in costume. The gathering with friends is what is important.

So all in all, a good Halloween, and still my favorite holiday.

Come the next post or two, I'll write up our Thanksgiving trip...


One more Halloween item. I bought the Angry Birds Halloween Edition app from the App Store. It was a lot of fun.

I remember this now, because now they are downloading a free update with a Christmas theme!