Thursday, November 9, 2000

Death and Politics

I'm not a one-issue, litmus-test voter. When considering the candidates, I explore the totality of their stands. This is why it is better that a candidate have some history in public life, so that there exists a record to which you can refer. Bush has been Governor of Texas, Gore a Senator and Vice President, Nader a consumer advocate responsible for many laws we now take for granted.

So this morning in the wavery minutes between waking and getting up (reading Evelyn Waugh's Handful of Dust right now, I wanted to say "between waking and ringing" "qbullet.smiley") I'm in that musing mood where random thoughts and memories are bubbling about, and I conceived the genesis of a musing on one of the issues which shaped my decision in this election. Henceforth, I present "The Death Penalty".

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