Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Pretender in Chief

I don't know how long this MSNBC editorial will be up, so I'll quote the opening paragraph here:

Let's not mince words: George W. Bush, aided by a narrow conservative
majority on the U.S. Supreme Court willing to invent new legal theory
out of whole cloth specifically for these purposes, has stolen the 2000 election. Al Gore indisputably won the popular vote. He almost certainly would have won the tally in the Electoral College had Florida's vote ever been subjected to a full and fair manual count as mandated by Florida law.
Eric Alterman

In the course of the last 36 days, there has been so much spin, false logic and rhetoric on both sides, and so much wrong application of the law (as I understand it, not being a lawyer), that I think it is just pathetic.

Make no mistake, I would have been unhappy with Gore as a President too. I'm not spouting sour grapes here because 'my' candidate lost. My candidate didn't even get 5% of the vote. What I'm mad about is what seems to me a subversion of the democratic system. Add to that that this wouldn't have even been possible without the pig-headed Electoral College system, and I'm truly miffed.

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