Friday, December 22, 2000

Easier to Give

"It is better to give than to receive" is the old saw pronounced around Christmas. But when you've got friends, aquaintances, relatives, ex-relatives, and on and on, where do you draw the line? I got presents this year from two of my "NOVA" friends, and I didn't get them anything. We've never exchanged gifts before. How was I to know?

The gifts were given in the best holiday spirit. John gave me a fun gift, probably didn't cost too much. It was a South Park television DVD. Tom spent a little more, probably, and got me Tai Chi II on DVD. Both of them shrugged it off when I protested that I hadn't gotten them anything, and clearly meant it. They just enjoyed giving something nice to a friend.

I enjoyed getting the gifts too. I'll be watching them sometime over the holiday season, and thinking of the generous dudes what gave them. But I'll also be making a silent note that I ought to get them something next year, because I feel bad I didn't have that telepathic moment that I should be getting them something. That's why I think the phrase should read: "It is easier to give than to receive."

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