Friday, December 22, 2000

Jerry Redux

After I had cut the CD for Jean containing "I'm a Little Busybody", I told her how to send a copy to her brother, with an idea of protecting the file by replicating it in geographically distinct regions. It now lives on three hard drives in our home, on a couple of CD-R's, and presumably on a hard drive in Tennessee.

So last night Jean is checking her email when what should appear, but a reply from her brother, containing an attachment. The attachment is the flip-side to the original 78rpm recording of "I'm a Little Busybody". That's right, we now have "Sunday Driving" in MP3 format as well.

So I replicated it to the same hard disks, and then I fired up the CD-R drive and made my own high-tech 78, cotaining both songs. Actually I made two, one for Jean, and one for her Dad. Christmas morning will discover whether he is dazzled or merely amused by this gift.

As to where Jean's brother Tom got the "Sunday Driving" MP3, the story is not finished yet. I'll report that here when I find out. Ain't the Internet grand?

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