Sunday, December 17, 2000

Not-so-crowed Movie Weekend

In the end, the "NOVA" crowd bagged on D&D, because it was gettting universally panned. Then CTHD isn't even showing until January, at Cinema 21 Friday, January 12 - Thursday, January 18. I don't know when I'll see that, since it isn't showing on a "NOVA" weekend, but I am going to see it. Maybe I'll use one of my 'self-study' nights (also known to Jean and I as faux-class night).

So in the end, I saw just one movie last week, Vertical Limit. Sunday is a new week in my book. But I saw The Emperor's New Groove today, and I might see Unbreakable with Jean this week since Kelly is in daycare all day a couple of days this week. That'd be very nice.

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