Thursday, December 28, 2000

New Scientist Arrives

Finally, after a seemingly interminable wait, New Scientist magazines are arriving at our doorstep. In fact, we received two issues in quick succession. It is a weekly, but the issues were December 9th and December 15th, both arriving shortly after Christmas.

I know it is a British publication, but they have a subscription office in San Francisco. I expected that they ran a few thousand copies off locally on the West Coast. Apparently not, since when we received confirmation of the subscription, it came not from San Francisco, but 'par avion' from Great Britain. I just hope the delivery dates come closer to the publication dates now that the stream has begun.

I haven't had a chance to read either issue yet. Jean says she likes it better than Scientific American. Initially I had feared that that magazine had gone permanently downhill, but the last two issues have been quite good, so if Jean thinks New Scientist is even better, I look forward to reading it. I just have such a huge backlog of reading matter right now that I can't do justice to any of it.

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