Monday, October 30, 2000

Them Against Fire

I hadn't read Suck in quite awhile, but today's pointer to Greg Knauss' mini-essay put me in mind of them, so I cruised on over and gave today's essay a read. It was very interesting, and spot on as well. In the past Suck has been known for an irreverent National Lampoon sort of hyperbolic humor, but this had a heck of a lot of substance to it.

My only question at this point relates to a quote from the article:

Schwarzkopf took the question with an avuncular chuckle, and allowed as to how it probably depended, ho ho, on which side you're on.

In this context, I take it to refer to the sense "Regarded as being similar to an uncle, especially in benevolence." So my question is, since I'm an uncle, are my chuckles avuncular?

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