Monday, January 21, 2002

Missed Opportunities

Saturday was a NOVA night. I had plans to go with my friends afterward to see the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf with is a genre-blender of a movie, and sounded quite appealing.

Unfortunately, as you may recall, I got about two hours of sleep the previous night, and while I managed to get an hour nap Saturday afternoon, I was surely not operating at full efficiency. I let Tom know that I might not be able to make the movie after the meeting.

Then I went out to my car late in the meeting to find something in the trunk. I set my keys on a ledge in the back of the hatch, and dug around in my stuff. I found what I was looking for, pushed down the lock on the inside of the trunk hatch, and closed the trunk. Gah! As the door was swinging down, I felt that awful feeling, and could see the keys sitting there on the ledge behind the closing hatch. I'd locked myself out of my car.

A quick call home verified that there was a spare key for my car where I though it was. Alan offered to drive me home so I could get the keys. After the round-trip, I successfully got my car keys out of my car. I took the hint that I'd not be in shape to drive myself home after an additional two or three hours spent at a movie, and went home early that night .

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