Friday, July 4, 2003


Feeling just a tad punchy today, as we all went to sleep around 2am last night/morning. We were spending a lot of time winnowing through Alan's collection of photos he'd taken during the day. I put up a small selection as a web gallery here. I reserve the right to take them down again if I run low on storage.

We all got up around 8:30, and have been lounging around posting articles and surfing the web until the next activity. I think Alan and I will be hitting the road for some food soon regardless. Later!


  1. Don't you know it. I do this once every other year, and it's something like a ten year tradition (actually first done in 1991). Nowadays, I go more for the fun of travelling with a crowd of friends than to immerse myself in anime. I'd be just as happy doing a camping trip with these guys, except that we also run into friends of friends and meet people spontaneously this way.
    I know the posts are somewhat scattered, but I mainly started them so Jean and Kelly could get a vicarious sense of what I do for fun down here. Of course you're welcome too ;^)~