Monday, July 21, 2003

<A HREF="">The Master and Margarita</a>

Finally finished, and returned to the library. I spread the reading over six weeks (initial three week library checkout, and one renewal). I almost renewed it a second time, but finished it with 'hours to spare'. It helped that we actually spent a big chunk of time at home this weekend. But this is yet another example of how much my reading habits have changed. Between all the other demands on my attention, and the fact that I tend to be quite brainless by the end of the day, I only read this book in snippets.

But it is a testament to the story that I stuck with it, while discarding other books that came from and went back to the library without so much as a mention here on this weblog. I mentioned before that the book is optioned for a movie, and that Johnny Depp is alledgedly signed up to play the role of Professor Woland, a.k.a. the Devil. I only hope that a gifted director is at the helm, because this could be an inspired romp.

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