Monday, April 2, 2001

April Idiots

Yes, I have a sense of humor, albeit a weird one. But I generally have no patience for the phenomenon known as 'April Fools'. Least of all on the Internet, where I am subjected to a blizzard of inane jokes masquerading as news items on various sites. "April Fools! Hah hah, that sure was funny!"

It's not that I fall for them. I don't. Most of them are transparent, and the rest only require a little careful reading, and I'm constantly amazed at the prats who dive right into the hoax and are completely fooled ("no man, I was just going along with the joke, that's it"). So for two or three days I have to wade through a bunch of moronic and pointless 'humor' to get to the normal gems I come to these sites for. Well, the pipe will be cleared soon, grump, grump.

We now return you to your regular broadcast day.

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