Thursday, April 21, 2005

Health Watch

For those of you keeping score:

Kelly seems to be fully recovered, not even coughing. Last night she 'forced' me to play Shadow Hearts for nearly an hour, taking her shower and brushing her teeth early to clear the way. So her energy and plotting skills are back to peak!

Jean completed her full twelve hour shift walking the floor with a nurse on Tuesday, and Wednesday showed no ill effects. We both have our fingers crossed for her.

I have pretty much said goodbye to my nasty cold. Except for a couple of days of disturbing 'tight' stomach sensations, I seem to have dodged the gastroenteritits bullet. Fingers crossed and all that, but so far...

I saw Dr. Selby yesterday following up on recurrent issues and getting a blood draw for my annual physical. He seemed utterly tickled that I knew to use the term gastroenteritis, and not the misnomer 'stomach flu'. Pays to have a nurse-in-training in the home!

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