Monday, January 8, 2001

Kelly News

Not too much to report here. Kelly accompanied us on the new car pickup, walks and grocery shopping over the weekend, and otherwise did the usual play and cartoon watching. We went to Toys 'R' Us on Sunday, to buy a new carseat for Kelly to put in the hatchback. She has grown enough that nothing I can do will make her current carseat fit her body anymore.

While we were there, Kelly took her Toys 'R' Us gift card and used it to buy a Barbie Ballerina. She had me tying Barbie's toe shoes over and over on the way home.

It looks as if the eat-at-school experiment may be over. This morning, Kelly took one look at the pizza served for breakfast this morning at Bridgeport and said "I don't want to eat this". I told her it was her only choice for now. But "if you want to start eating at home again, we can do that tomorrow." "Okay," she said. We'll see tonight if she still feels that way.

I think she's more disappointed that her friend Brianna isn't showing up the same time she is. She clearly had the image in her mind of the two of them eating and playing together before class started.

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