Saturday, January 13, 2001

Field Report

Jean made it to her lecture, and was fascinated and saddened at the same time. The crime science was fascinating, but it is clear that it is a competitive field, so any dream, however remote, of doing it herself, becomes more remote still.

Kelly and I did the grocering, and I tried to find some shoes which would look non-sneakerish while providing Nike arch and pronation level support. No go. I'll continue looking. The bike adjustment trip is postponed until sometime during the week. It seems they have no mechanic on the weekend, which is just plain silly.

We all went up to Beaverton, because Jean wanted to pick up touch-up paint for her new car, to protect from future dings. I got some for the hatchback too. At only $5, it's a reasonable preventative measure. Then I suggested we go to Tower Records, so I could look for Moshi Moshi or a Barcelona album. We went, they didn't have either, but Jean bought two CD's, by Bobby Darin and Patsy Cline. We listened to them on the way to Mentor to take our walk.

Kelly decided that she should get a treat too, so after our walk I took her to Fred Meyer to buy a video. She bought The Land Before Time VII. Not too bad, by direct-to-video standards, but not top of the heap either.

Now the night is winding down, and I guess I'll be giving Kelly her bath in around fifteen minutes. Then it's off to attack that huge pile of reading "qbullet.smiley".

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