Wednesday, March 7, 2001

More Periodontal Surgery

I'll give a fuller report as things develop, but this Friday (10:30 am
PST) is the date of my second, and hopefully last, periodontal
surgery. The first was a success, both by the assessment of Dr. Levin
(if he does say so himself) and by the assessment of my hygienist and

I get to drive out to West Linn, have the surgery, drive myself back
home, then sit or lie still for the rest of the day. The next couple of
days, it's all soft foods and no conversation. So it is interesting that Jean's parents will be here at the same time, since they are garrulous,
and would most likely try to draw me into the conversation so I wouldn't
feel "left out". As a result, even on Sunday, I'm planning to camp out
in the den or downstairs while they do their various field trips.

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