Saturday, April 10, 2004

My Own Worst Enemy

Thursday night I was horsing around with Kelly. The usual, faux wrestling, tickling, making raspberry noises on each others' skin. As is so often the case when we do this, things got out of hand, only this time, instead of getting a fingernail gouge, I really got slammed. I was wriggling under Kelly's legs, and she pegged me with her heelbone, solidly, in the nexus of nerves in my left jaw joint. Man, did that hurt.

I immediately took some aspirin to keep down the swelling, and the major pain soon ebbed. I don't think I've incurred any sort of TMJ, but the tissue is still sore, when I extend the jaw, or press at that joint. This is only like the twentieth time I've sworn that Kelly and I will not rough house anymore. It just never seems to stick. The irony is that this was the evening after my dental checkup, where I got a sterling grade for dental care!

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