Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Picture Perfect

It must seem like I'm always buying something, but it's just a spate, really. Last night I went to Costco and bought a new printer, since the old one was failing. I just gave it a test run to make sure everything installed correctly, and used the photo of Kelly with her tooth missing as a color sample.

Boy have printers improved since the Epson Color 600 came out! The picture, on plain paper, is much smoother and photographic than any I got with constant tweaking on the Epson. And that is using mostly the default settings. I'm sure it can be made better, even before introducing coated papers, but I just can't make myself plumb the depths of another hardware manual just yet. The Designing Airport Networks document, together with the Setting Up Your Hardware Firewall document, not to mention the Playing Final Fantasy VII booklet , have got me worn out! Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll begin fiddling with producing super digital photos to hang in my office.

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