Monday, August 31, 2009

Music, Music

Minor Hope - Gypsophilia. These guys are a contemporary band from Nova Scotia. They're a pretty versatile bunch, and from the eMusic previews, you can't really be certain from one album to the next whether you'll like them. But this album is charming, and sometimes reminds me of Django Reinhardt.

Ethiopiques Vol. 4 - featuring Mulatu Astatqe. I found this one just browsing the eMusic 'stacks' and following comment threads. The sub-caption for this album is "ethio jazz & musique instrumentale 1969-1974". The "ethio" is for Ethiopia, Astatqe's native land. Very nice music, both for background while programming, and for attentive listening.

Holst's The Planets - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra w/Andre Previn. I don't suppose that this needs any introduction. I just had a hankering for 'Mars' and got the whole 'Holst' of planets.

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