Monday, August 24, 2009

Miles Davis Express

If I'm not careful Miles Davis albums will represent a significant fraction of my music library. A few days ago I grabbed Steamin' off of eMusic. Some say it is one of his better albums. I can't rank it up there with Kind of Blue, but it is very nice background music while coding.

Speaking of Kind of Blue, one of my more quirky acquisitions arrived over the bit pipe last week: Kind of Bloop, about which it's creative driver said:

What would the pioneers of jazz sound like on a Nintendo Entertainment System? Coltrane on a C-64? Mingus on Amiga? For years, I've wondered what "chiptune jazz" would sound like, but there are only a tiny handful of jazz covers ever made.

To satisfy my curiosity — and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" — I've asked five brilliant chiptune musicians to collaborate and reinvent the entire album in the 8-bit sound.

I have enjoyed Kind of Blue for close to two years now, and have once or twice dipped into the chiptune world (for example, diplodocus ds10). So I sprang for a copy of Kind of Bloop and have been playing it in the background ever since. It's also good music to pick up pine cones by!

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