Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Money Grubber

You'll notice a column of ads to the right (unless you're reading this in my RSS feed). Relax, it's an experiment. I'll be truly surprised if I earn a penny off this service, but I was curious to see if anybody actually clicks on these things. If you're a regular reader, don't try to do me any favors by arbitrarily clicking on ads, as this might be misconstrued by Google as a violation of their terms (I'm not supposed to encourage or offer incentives to click) and get me kicked off the island. Even harsher, I'm not allowed to click on any of the ads myself, absolutely. I understand this is to prevent me from inflating my own numbers, but if I see a relevant ad, I'll have to copy the url and go there separately.

Which brings me to the interesting feature of this program. The ads are supposed to be appropriate for the content on the site. The first batch all seem to center around food (recipes, restaurants) which is appropriate given how much I've been writing about it lately. I'll be interested to see if they ever offer ads for anime or Hong Kong movies, or maybe DVDs for Firefly or Dr. No.

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