Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost Towns

Jean has always harbored an interest in artifactual history, especially, I think, where the presence of people is most evident. One way this manifests is that she's always wanted to travel to the real Old West and see the remnants of towns preserved by desert weather, i.e. ghost towns.

I had lunch with one of my former co-workers last week, and Jean heard that his family had vacationed in New Mexico, so she had me ask him if he knew of any ghost towns in the state. As it turns out, he did not, but also vacationed in Colorado, where he has family, and knows of some ghost towns there.

More surprisingly, Oregon apparently has a fairly high incidence of ghost towns.

So I'm expecting at least some weekend trips around Oregon in the next year...


  1. Dyea
    in Alaska is another. When up there I spent most of my time in Skaway but Dyea is pretty much right next door.
    North Dakota is another good place to look. The Western part of the state is pretty barren with a lot of long lost towns.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I'll make sure Jean sees your comment as well as the post!