Monday, November 21, 2005

Magna Maxima Carta

Turns out I'm not the only one interested in Magna Carta. I sat down at NOVA Saturday, when Alan walked in. I mentioned that I was getting Magna Carta for a stocking stuffer, and he acted excited. "Where did you get it? Do they have more?" Turns out Gamestop is sold out. So I told him Fry's had them, and in fact that they were carrying the collector's edition, and had plenty on Friday.

Then in walked Tom. Alan mentioned that he wanted to go to Fry's to buy Magna Carta. Tom said "I bought it this morning." Bing! So the three of us piled into Tom's car and drove down to Fry's so that Alan could buy his own copy. Did they have any? They had plenty. It's so pleasant to have young, single engineers as friends. While we were there, Alan saw a box for Guitar Hero, and after only a moment's internal debate, he grabbed that too. More on that in a later post.

So anyway, I'm not the only RPG fan around.


  1. Make that 4. I picked it up when I was in Portland a couple weeks ago. I've always liked the artwork and had to pick up the game based on that alone.

  2. Dang! All three of you are going to have it finished before I even get seriously started. Let me know how you like it!