Friday, November 18, 2005

Magna Carta

A little birdy tells me I'm getting Magna Carta for Christmas. I'm looking forward to it. Play magazine rates it very highly, and the description of the play mechanics makes it seem right up my alley. I love my RPGs.

The only catch is the somewhat unfortunate character design for Reith, who looks like an Asian Jane Mansfield. Once again I'll have to divert from play to explain why "that lady has such large breasts." Oh well, once we get over that obstacle, I'll be able to sink a few dozen hours into gameplay!


  1. Don, Don, Don,
    Don't you remember, pin-up art is all about the legs man, the legs! ^_^ (And yes, the designer's art does obviously take a lot from 40's pin-up style). Here's hoping the game plays nice. Me, I'm still trying to find a copy of the thing. ^_^

  2. From the interview with the character designer:
    "I believe that the legs are a very attractive part of the female body. I worked hard on portraying them so that they convey a feeling of fetishism and at the same time have a kitsch appeal. Don’t get me wrong here; I prefer personality over looks."
    As for finding it, Fry's has it on sale through the 22nd for $38. I made a field trip to get myself a stocking stuffer for Christmas, so really, *I'm* the little birdie. Tell you more about it at NOVA...