Monday, February 16, 2004

Kelly Day

Jean had classes all day today, and my workplace was closed for Presidents' Day, so I stayed home with Kelly. Or rather, I ran around with Kelly. We started the morning by making waffles together. Kelly wanted to try the yeasted waffle recipe in Cook's Illustrated, but I felt we lacked the preparations, so we did the simple kind.

Later we went shopping for some stuff we forgot this weekend. Kelly brought a bunch of dollar coins, and dropped $4 on the claw machine, trying to get a toy. In the end, she spent another $5 buying herself a stuffed dog from the toy department. Then she tried to shame me into buying her some more stuff. "Pay me back the money you owe me and we'll talk." She didn't like that.

We came home and played a little Baldur's Gate, then we went off to see Triplets of Belleville. Man that is one fun movie. I think the creator is from Quebec, but it had a real European feel to it. I learned a lesson with this one. I tried last night to describe the premise of the film to Kelly, so she'd come with me and I could see it. She was turned off and wanted nothing to do with it. Then I found a trailer on the web, and she watched it and decided that she really wanted to see the movie.

It was touch and go if she'd be able to sit through all the slower and unconventional stuff, but there were enough cute spots that she sat through it, and she said she liked it. I'm just glad I got a chance to see it, since usually the chain here doesn't bring foreign or indie stuff to the burbs.

We came home for a snack, then we took off for my workplace to use the gym. Kelly and I both got a good workout. Then we went to Fry's so I could pick up a copy of the U.S. release of Returner, and headed home. More Baldur's Gate, and finally Jean got home.

Kelly and I treated Jean by making a recipe for pork chops we got out of Cook's Illustrated, which turned out loverly, thanks. The evening wound down to a routine finish, and as I put Kelly to bed a little while ago, she said "this was a really good day." I told her I thought so too.


  1. You bought Returner yesterday too? Sweet deal! Okay, so I really like that movie and was my main mission for the holiday yesterday =)

  2. Got it yes. Watched it, no. It's still in the shrinkwrap. I've been spending every non-parenting, non-spousing minute lately playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (I know, behind the times, but I don't own a PC, and I just bought the Xbox).
    Right now I'm stuck on trying to kill a Drow Elf boss-lady. Probably take me six or eight tries. So even my ReplayTV is overloaded with shows I haven't watched. Gimme a few weeks and I'll get to it.

  3. I liked it after Max having us watch it because it's just too cool =) But I like the mech plane lots. And that's all the spoiler ya get if you haven't seen it *grin*