Monday, May 21, 2001

Weekend Movies

One last entry today while I digest my salad . Saturday was a NOVA weekend, and I got a chance to see the Region 2 DVD I had bought, Wild Zero. This thanks to Dan, who has a Multi-region DVD player, and could record a tape of it for me.

This is one weird movie, somewhat reminiscent of Bio-Zombie. You have to have a pretty twisted sense of humor, as I do, and a tolerance for somewhat cartoony gore, but I was cracking up all through the show. All I can say is rock-and-roll, shades of Elvis and U.F.O. zombies go together all too well.

After the meeting, we went to see Shrek. Compared to The Emperor's New Groove, which deserves a 10, this movie was a 7 or an 8 (Tom says 6 or 7). I'm going to take Kelly to see it next weekend, I think.

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