Saturday, October 31, 2009

Breakfast Experiment

I'm not much for elaborate breakfasts. I tend to eat raw oatmeal with walnuts and banana chunks half the time, protein bars and some sort of fruit the other half (and skip the odd day out). But Kottke really sold The world's best pancake recipe. It's a buttermilk pancake recipe, and sounded good. He does have a tendency to qualify the hell out of it ("real" buttermilk only, for instance), so any failures will surely be put down to my laziness in not hunting down 'authentic' ingredients.

Still, Renee and I gave it a try this morning. She had maybe one and one half pancakes, and I had two. Jean tried one bite. The consensus? "Eggy". Jean says "too sweet". Overall, it was quite a filling dish, something I could imagine getting served on a farmstead before the long day in the fields. But for a more or less sessile knowledge worker like myself, it was more than necessary.

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