Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jean, Jean, the Mash-Up Queen

I introduced Jean to the concept of mash-ups, and she's grabbed a few, and highlighted a few that I otherwise gave only a light listen to, making them favorites. Now, the student has overtaken the master. She's using music from my iTunes library to compose exercise discs, and spicing them up with mash-ups. But her desire for them outstrips my rather casual discovery methods (i.e. did someone mention it on Boing Boing?)

So she's out there trawling the net alone, unprotected. She's doing it for herself, she's doing it for me, Hell, she's doing it for you! Here are the latest catches:

  • Workin' Techno Pop (Apollo Zero Reconstruct) - Apollo Zero [from "Bootwerk - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Kraftwerk"]

  • An Honest M.I.A. (The Bravery vs. M.I.A.) - A plus D

  • Crazy Egyptians (The Bangles vs. Fine Young Cannibals) - DJ Earlybird [from "Bird Doo Doo"]

And in case all that unconventional music makes your head hurt, I also grabbed (via eMusic):

  • Messin' With the Kid - Junior Wells

A fine song, later covered by the Blues Brothers. I like both versions.

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