Sunday, September 30, 2007

And In the Mash-Up Corner...

Jean's been busy, that's all I can say:

  • basement-jaxx-ft-lisa-kekaula-vs-martha-and-the-vandellas-no-luck-to-run-zamali [that's really the title of the MP3]

  • Together Undone (Mastered) - The Beatles vs. Duran Duran feat. Rakim [DJ Clive$ter]

  • What I Got In The Playas Club

  • Can I Have a Mambo Like That - Lou Bega vs. Pharell & Gwen Stefani [DJ Boasty]

  • Just Can't Get Club Action - Yo Majesty vs. Depeche Mode [DJ Paul V]

  • Tequila Lip Gloss (BegaBeats) - DJ Paul

  • Rock Your Billie - DJ Zebra

  • Am I Undone - Erasure vs. Korn feat. Fatboy Slim [DJ Clive$ter]

  • Pink Wedding - Go Home Productions

  • God's Gonna Cut You Down - DJ Schmolli vs. Johnny Cash Allstar Band [DJ Schmolli]

The Joe Bega mashup is kinda funny since the first time I ever heard his
Mambo #5 was in an Anime Music Video (though not the one I link here). As you may know, AMVs are a whole genre of mashups!

And some freebies from Last.FM:

  • Scissory - Psapp (Looking Back Ain't No Way Forward)

  • Exurgency - ZoĆ« Keating (One Cello x 16 EP)

  • Entertaining Thoughts - Over the Rhine (The Trumpet Child)

  • Onions - The Mountain Goats (Live performance)

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