Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Putter, Putter

Had a late evening, attending the Hazelbrook Spring Concert. Renee was in Beginning Band, playing her flute. I felt she acquitted herself well. The Advanced Jazz band was almost good. Their choice of music made up for a lot of the roughness, mainly two of my favorites, Fly Me To The Moon, and Birdland.

Upon getting home, I just wanted to unwind, sit in a padded chair, rather than have my butt put to sleep by institutional plastic chairs, so I settled in and watched the last episode of Machine God Roar: Demonbane. Lots of cheesy plotlines and formulaic battles culminated in the melodramatic climax, then the false sad ending for the hero, alone again, followed by, taDAH! Reunion with his partner, the grimoire Al Azif!

Oh, I do so love my formula anime.

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