Friday, December 17, 2004


So I'm officially no longer middle aged. I'm late middle aged.

Only a few days ago, some Gen Y clerk offered me the senior discount. I graciously corrected him.

Today, I went to visit Dr. Selby to see if he could do anything about some painful welts I had on my back and side. He stepped in and said "so you have some sort of rash? Lift up your shirt and let's have a look."

So I barely get the shirt above my ribs and he says "that's shingles."

Yes, just like that. Quickest diagnosis in my life. So I'm taking Acyclovir to block replication of the virus, and Dr. Selby swears that I should see dramatic improvement in five days (good thing too, as the prescription runs out in seven).

So just like that, I get the one two punch. See you in the managed care apartments.

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