Sunday, May 16, 2004


I was downstairs with Jean, she with her head in my lap, and we were just chatting. Chatting about how long we've been together, how good a match we are for each other, that sort of mushy stuff. All the while, I was running my fingers through her hair. Not just brushing, but tugging. Trying to get it to stand on end.

"Now I know where Kelly gets that hair-playing habit of hers," she said. "She does the same thing to me." Emphasizing 'me' as if there were someone else in the room.

I told her, "I think you meant to say: She does the same thing to me..."

So I immediately invented a new syndrome, Inappropriate Emphasis Disorder, and spent the next five minutes teasing her with it. In the end, I got her to change her emphasis on a single syllable, "No." ... "No!"

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