Friday, February 1, 2002

Stupor Bowl Sunday

Many years I manage to completely miss that the Super Bowl is happening. Last year Jean, Kelly and I went out to have lunch at Yeatsy's, a faux Mexican restaurant with really good food, and the place was empty! We asked the waiter what gave, and he acted sort of surprised. "It's the Super Bowl today."

Well, that worked for us. Jean heard this weekend was the 'big game', so we're making plans to hit the restaurant again. Jean said we need to find out what time the game is so we can have the restaurant to ourselves again .

One thing Jean likes about the Super Bowl is the commercials, and she has actually recorded the game so she can skip over it to watch the commercials. I haven't bothered. This year I'm planning to record Super Commercials: A Mental Engineering Special, on PBS after the game. It is a show which will deconstruct some of the more interesting commercials, and sounds interesting enough to catch.

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