Monday, October 11, 2010

End of an Experiment

I cancelled my eMusic account tonight. I came home from work after buying a new office chair for the den, and checked my email only to find a message that they were once again planning on bumping prices. It's only been about a year since the last bump (and they used the same excuse: "we're adding a major label to our line-up. More choice!").

Given that I joined eMusic to experiment, taking chances on new and indie music to broaden my horizons, this second price hike pushed me over the edge. The fact that they are now able to offer more of the mainstream music I can get elsewhere isn't much of an attraction. The fact that I must now spend quite a lot more to take a chance on an unknown is the final straw.

Goodbye, eMusic. You were the source of some inspired discoveries, and a lot of so-so experiments. At the new price points, I can't justify that model anymore.

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