Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Ghost

I'm usually a little tickled whenever I recognize the music used to back a show on radio or tv. In fact, it seems I'm getting to be an old hand with PBS. They use a lot of Miles Davis, like Freddy Freeloader from Kind of Blue. And recently, I was quite pleased to hear some Amon Tobin on This American Life.

But I don't know what to think about the recent music on Dollhouse. I watched A Love Supreme (nice shout out to Coltrane, once again), and they were playing Your Ghost, originally found on Hips and Makers, perhaps my favorite Kristin Hersh solo album. However, it wasn't Kristin singing the song, it was some dude (sadly, not Michael Stipe, who did the backing vocals and harmonies in the original version). Okay, covers can be fine in many cases, but this is one of the best damn songs she ever performed! What gives?

I assume they couldn't clear the rights. I hope they didn't think the cover was somehow cooler.

So anyway, to make up in some small way for that bad karma, I'm going to recommend Hips and Makers to everyone.

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