Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dr. Kierkegaarde

Hi, Dr. Kierkegaarde!

I had my regular dental checkup today, and my dentist, Dr. Kierkegaarde, told me she had been Googling her name to try to help a patient find her practice's website (yeah, right) and my weblog came up on the first page of Google results! She said it was a sort of strange seeing her name in some unrelated article. So I figured I'd better boost my rating again and enter a post assuring her that I'm not a stalker!

By the way, since I've had reason to look up her practice's website when recommending it to my coworkers, here is the link: Burlingame Dental Arts

and here's my dentist: Dr. Kierkegaarde.

Am I being creepy enough yet?

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