Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Musical Intrusions

Jean has been active on the mash-up network again. Here's her most recent net:

  • Pretend We're Breathing - Khyzer Zuke (L7 vs. Sean Paul/Blu Cantrell)

  • BeyoncefeaturingJay-Z-CrazyInLove-VS-GrooveArmada-ISeeYouBaby-VS-Saliva (no other mash-up artist credit)

  • Victim of Da Funk - DJ John (Eagles vs. Daft Punk)

  • Glamorous Ex Gf - DJ Maxentropy (Fergie vs. Matt Willis)

  • Tambourine Reckoning - ABX (Eve vs. Radiohead)

  • Invisible Belief - Divide & Kreate (Genesis vs. Journey)

  • Break through love - DJ Zebra (Doors vs. Led Zeppelin)

  • Deep Message - Dj Moule (Jamiroquai Vs Grand Master Flash Vs Sly & the Familiy Stone Vs Svinkels)

  • Every Car You Chase - Party Ben (Police vs. Snow Patrol)

  • J'adore mon medley - DJ Zebra (no artist credit)

  • Unrecorded Love - Dopplebanger (Beyonce vs. M83)

  • Hypnotize The Army - (no mashup artist credit) (The White Stripes vs. Notorious B.I.G.)

  • Bootystyle - Dunproofin' (no artist credit)

I'll also mention that I have two new Kristin Hersh songs:

  • Slippershell

  • Torque

Both are available at her new venture, CASH Music

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