Monday, December 4, 2006

Onmyoji II

Onmyoji II is, as the title suggests, a sequel. I watched the original several months ago, and only now got around to the second title. I think I liked this one better than the last one. It's a bit darker, and while it still has the borderline Power Rangers monsters, I am sufficiently 'child-like' to go with the flow and enjoy the story.


  1. Better than the first? Wow. I enjoyed the first one a few years ago, just never got around to the sequel. I'll have to take a gander.

  2. Well, bear in mind that it's been over a year since I watched the first one. The second may win the popularity contest solely by being fresher. But I don't believe that's the case.
    In any case, personal opinion, your mileage may vary, etc....

  3. hi. i actually found your blog on google because i just recently purchased an xbox live subsciption for my boyfriend. he went to scratch the card for the code underneath and ended up scratching off a big chunck of the numbers. it seems this happened to you as well? but i couldn't find where that entry was or what was done about it. is the product totally worthless now? i'm sorry if i'm intruding on your blog, i just figured maybe you could give some helpful advice. if not, again, i apologize for the intrusion.

  4. Lindsey,
    I wrote about accidentally scratching off some of the plastic from a Microsoft Points card in Games and Goofs. Subsequently, I managed to recover the code, mostly by trial and error. The direction I took which succeeded is documented in Brute Force Wins. I don't know if your boyfriend's card has enough info left to let him recover the original code, but brute force is the only way to crack it that I could see. Good luck!