Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Max

I didn't go to NOVA last weekend as Jean had nursing shifts overlapping the usual meeting day. I won't be going next weekend for the same reason. As a result, I was looking at over a month without being able to visit my friends. Adam Goetz, from up Olympia-way, told me over the IRC that the Washington gang was coming down to visit this weekend at Tom's and that I should come. I confirmed with Tom that it would be okay, and then made sure that Jean was good with it as well. Jean's only stipulation was that I get home by 9pm, so that she could get to bed without Renee bouncing around waiting up for me.

Then Saturday morning came, and I had a runny nose. But I still wanted to go! So I called Tom around lunchtime and had him take a poll of his guests. They seemed okay with it. I took some Dayquil to suppress any sniffles and whatnot, and went over around 3pm. Brian and Max were there with their kid Ethan (three years old, and almost making sense when he talks). Eric Ho was there, and Jen and a fellow named Jovan whom I have not met before. James was buried in his PSP much of the evening, and Alan joined us in time to go to Gustav's for dinner. If you like meat, you'll like Gustav's!

Afterwards, we returned to Tom's place and played a movie trivia game. I took my leave before cake was served, but if you're reading this, Max, I hope you had a happy birthday! It was great to see you guys from up North again.


  1. Awww! Thank you, Phin! I had a blast. Thank you for taking the time to come over. I really missed ya since last time. I'm hoping to get you up North when you have free time too ^_^. We'll be at least down there another time and will probably put it in the IRC channel or via email for ya ^_^. Maybe you can join us for Camping this Summer!

  2. Well, next time you're coming down, by all means let me know. It's 50/50 if I'll be able to make it, but knowing about it ahead of time increases the odds ;^)~
    As for camping this summer, sorry. My solo out-of-town trips are limited to every other year (this summer is the bi-annual Moyer Family Reunion, but I'll be in Seattle, so maybe we can have lunch one day up there???). 2007 is provisionally for AX07, but I'd certainly consider camping as an alternative.