Friday, September 26, 2003

Portland Art Museum

I forgot to mention that we went to the Portland Art Museum Sunday. My workplace negotiated a free day for employees, so the family unit headed into Portland to check it out. It was a nice mild day and I enjoyed walking from our parking spot to the museum. It'd been so long since I last went there I wasn't sure I knew where it was, but we got there eventually.

The visiting exhibitions were the painted sculptures of Joan Miro, and the medicine themed paintings of Norman Rockwell. There were really only six or seven paintings by Rockwell, but the Miro exhibit was pretty big, mostly because the sculptures were.

I was more interested in the paintings, as their American collection included several paintings by Childe Hassam, one of my favorites. In particular I liked "Sunlit Nude in Woods" (bad guess at title from memory). There were many more, and I spent a long time looking. I was disappointed however, that they no longer had the JMW Turner painting I liked.

Kelly vacillated between boredom and fascination, and perked right up at the museum store, where she bought a plastic 'tangle toy'. I didn't buy anything, but had fun looking. The capper was when I lounged in the 'sculpture garden' outside the museum while Jean and Kelly paid for their purchases. I watched the long line across the street at the Historical Society, where the Declaration of Independence was on display. Wish I could have seen that too, but our time was limited.


  1. We were at the museum two weeks ago and bought a calendar which we love and would much like very much to buy another. The calendar's ISBN is 2-84089-792-X. The title is "Tournee du Chat Noir." Is there any way a purchase could be arranged? A phone number we could call, etc. Any information you could give us about ths would be much appreciated.
    Rober Stanley
    4308 - 42nd Avenue
    Sacramento, CA 95824

  2. Robert,
    I think you may have missed that I was visiting the museum as a patron, not an employee. I can't arrange sales of merchandise but I can point you to their website:
    Portland Art Museum Store
    Good luck!