Tuesday, February 11, 2003


I worked from home today, and I was about twice as productive as I was when I went in to the office yesterday. Reason: I have ready access to the refrigerator, and can feed-forward the foods my ailing body needs, rather than anticipating and bringing my food to work. My particular ailment has slowed my digestion and reduced my appetite, so having access to a broader menu helps immensely.

I had spent some time a couple of weeks ago getting local port forwarding in SSH working so that I could access my work weblog and add posts. Yes, I have a weblog at work. I find I've gotten quite used to composing my thoughts in this format.

However, there was a catch. Since MovableType uses stylesheets and cgi scripts with the absolute URL in them, my port forwarding scheme ended up stripping all formatting from the pages, leaving me with input forms that were one or two characters wide. Not workable.

So today I figured out why Mac OS X wasn't paying attention to my /etc/hosts entries, and got that working too. I felt very productive!

And no, that's not the only thing I did today! This only took me a few minutes on the way to writing up my day's work results. So there!

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