Wednesday, July 18, 2001

SciFi Commercial

I'm sitting down here in the den writing these entries on my iBook, with some Robocop special running on the Replay box. Normally I use the 30 second skip feature to jump over all the commercials, but since I'm writing, some of them slip through. This time it was worth it.

The commercial is for some snack chip, and shows some technician on a spaceship standing in a corridor eating the chips while soldiers go running past, and a computer voice warns of an alien intruder. As soon as the hatch slams shut on the soldiers, he turns around to spot the alien, looking like a cross between Alien and Predator. With a chip halfway to his mouth, the alien snarls, exposing wicked sharp teeth. He pops the chip into the alien's mouth. This goes on to the point where he is confidently mocking the alien and making it snarl for a chip when he notices the bag is empty...

It actually made me cackle. Too bad I don't intend to buy any of the chips...

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